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Best Virtual Reality Headset and 3D VR Glasses

3D Virtual Reality Headset Mobile Phone Video Movie Game
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Online Stores Sale Virtual Reality Headset and VR Glasses

3D Vitural Reality(VR) sometimes referres to immersive multimedia,vitural reality can recreate a sensory experience,literally surrounding you with virtual video,images and games in a full 360 degree immersive environment.

With the 3D vitural reality headset,you can explore a new world,be on-stage at a performance with full 360 degree video,and enjoy gaming in a way that’s never been done before-all with just your smart phone and 3D VR headset.

Wide Compatibility : perfect for most all kinds of phones (Android / IOS, etc) whose screen between 4.0~6.0 inches.
FD & OD Adjustment : Adjust your suitable focal distance by pushing the left button upside at a range of 70mm – 75mm, and adjust the object distance by pushing the right button upside at a range of 65mm – 75mm so as to get a stretch lenses(58-75mm).
Comfort design with sponge area : Extremely soft and thick foam is perfect for long time use. Top light and thin is the ultimate goal for wearing equipment.
Ergonomic Head belt Design : Ergonomic design ensures a balanced stress condition in three points on the head (concentrated on the forehead), reducing 30% pressure to the eyes.
Virtual Reality Apps : Check out these VR apps in Google Play store, Apple App store, and immerse in the exciting world of VR!
Bluetooth Controller : you can experience more VR games & enjoy more convenience when watching the movies.

Tips on storage:
★Please orotect device from damping and overheating otherwise outlook function may be damaged.
★Please protect device from heavy loading.
★Please keep precise lens within from scraps and fierce colliding.
★Please keep device from heavy dust.
★Please keep the lens clean,and dust could be wiped with lens cleaning cloth or paper.
★No disassembling.